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  • Nomination for International Affirmation category of "Virtuosi" award

    Pianist Dino Imeri has been nominated for the most prestigious Macedonian award for classical musicians - "Virtuosi" in the category -International Affirmation-. This is Imeri's second nomination having received the award in 2013 in the category "Young Musical Artist". The awarding ceremony will take place at the Macedonian Opera & Ballet this Thursday (21.04.) in 8 pm. For more info visit .

  • Spectacular performance in Sofia! Rachmaninoff no.3 + 3 encores (15.10.2015)

    One of the most accomplished young Macedonian musician - pianist Dino Imeri has performed one of the most difficult work ever written in the piano literature - Rachmaninoff's Third piano concerto together with the Sofia Philharmonic and Maestro Nayden Todorov. The exceptional performance of the work was followed by three encores given by the pianist, all of which his own transcriptions on works by Liszt and Aleksandar Dzambazov. This is the second collaboration between Mr. Imeri and the Sofia Philharmonic conducted by Nayden Todorov.After the performance, Imeri has stated: "It was a real challenge that turned into a real pleasure to learn Rach3 and to perform it for the first time with the magnificent Sofia Philharmonic and Maestro Todorov, for the highly-attentive, warm and wonderful audience at Bulgaria Concert Hall. I truly enjoyed this experience, I'm eager for my next meeting with audiences in Bulgaria."During his visit to Sofia, Dino Imeri was a guest at CLASSIC FM Radio as well as the Bulgarian National Radio. 

  • Duo Ilkoski-Imeri: New activities (16.09.2015)

    Duo Bojan Ilkoski (violin) and Dino Imeri (piano) have been working extensively on several interesting projects including recording sessions as well as preparation for their upcoming exclusive recital in Skopje planned to take place on 23.09.2015 at Museum of City Skopje in 8 pm. Duo Ilkoski-Imeri would like to use this opportunity to thank the incredibly professional and warm crew from the Studio M1: Budimka Imeri, music producer and Gjorgji Hristovski, sound engineer. This is not the duo's first collaboration with this crew, they have already previously recorded M. Ravel's Rhapsody "Tzigane" and at the latest sessions the duo has recorded Franck's capital work - his Sonata for violin and piano. You can listen to their latest recordings soon at Dino Imeri's official YouTube channel as well as Session at M1 Studio - Duo Ilkoski-Imeri with the crew(from left to right: Bojan Ilkoski, Budimka Imeri (producer), Dino Imeri, Gjorgji Hristovski (sound engineer) 

  • Dino Imeri - laureate of the prestigious "Tomislav Zografski" award

    One of the most accomplished young pianists, Dino Imeri has received the "Young Musical Artist" award for exceptional success awarded by Foundation "Tomislav Zografski" celebrating the composer's 80th birth anniversary. The Board of the Foundation as well as its director Panda Zografska Belichanec have reached the decision on 4th of December, 2014. The award was given to Mr. Imeri for his exceptional national and international concert successes as well as for his strives to promote the music of Macedonian composers T. Zografski, A. Dzambazov and Damir Imeri. The ceremony took place at the opening concert of the International Music Competition "Ohrid Pearls" which took place on 15th of June, 2015 organized by the Music and Ballet Pedagogues Association. Imeri performed both soloistically and with violinist Bojan Ilkoski and the concert featured works by T. Zografski, F. Liszt and M. Ravel.        (Dino Imeri and Panda Zografska Belichanec, director of the "Tomislav Zografski" foundation at the award-giving ceremony 15.06.2015)(Bojan Ilkoski and Dino Imeri: T. Zografski - Rhapsody and M. Ravel - Rhapsody "Tzigane")(Dino Imeri: F. Liszt - Hungarian Rhapsody no.2)

  • Dino Imeri, Sofia Philharmonic and Maestro Nayden Todorov (Updated)

    Pianist Dino Imeri performed Rachmaninov's "Rhapsody on a theme by Paganini" with the prestigious Sofia Philharmonic Orchestra and Maestro Nayden TodorovAnnounced as "the big name - the hope of contemporary Macedonian music", the young pianist performed Rachmaninov's Rhapsody with immense success. In his first collaboration with the prestigious Sofia Philharmonic and well known conductor Nayden Todorov, Imeri performed 2 encores after the regular program which included Korsakov-Cziffra "Flight of the Bumblebee" as well as Bach's "Sicilianna". Imeri's performance received praise from the audience and the critics, but also from the musicians in Sofia, including Maestro Todorov who stated: "Even after our first rehearsal, the orchestra musicians and myself wished to see Imeri come again and perform with us in Sofia. We have a need to work with musicians like himself." In a recent interview, the young pianist said: "I have only positive impressions from my first collaboration with the Sofia Philharmonic and Maestro Todorov. I will never forget the reception I got from the musicians, the organization and the audience." During his visit to Sofia, Imeri has participated in the "Musical Room" initiative by the Sofia Philharmonic. The "Musical Room" offers audience members to meet with the guest performers and hear about their views on the music they're to perform at the concert. Dino Imeri performing Korsakov-Cziffra "Flight of the Bumblebee" more info, please visit and for program notes. 

  • Back in the studio.. (February 2015)

    Back in the studio - Imeri and Ilkoski

    Pianist Dino Imeri returned to the studio for his first recording collaboration with violinist Bojan Ilkoski. The duo has been performing since 2013 with immense success in Macedonia and abroad. The results of their first recording sessions are going to be published soon at Dino Imeri's official YouTube channel. The duo would like to thank the wonderful crew at Studio M1 - Producer Budimka Imeri, Sound Engineer Gjorgji Hristovski, Piano technician Kire Risteski as well as Engineer Ljupco Debarliev. Photos:(Pianist Dino Imeri and violinist Bojan Ilkoski) (Dino Imeri, producer Budimka Imeri & Bojan Ilkoski) 

  • Dino Imeri - soloist with the prestigious Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra

    Renowned pianist Dino Imeri has performed with the Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra - one of the most prestigious orchestras in Europe - with conductor Clemens Schuldt. Announced as "the piano magician", the young pianist performed the Concerto for Piano and Orchestra written by his father, composer Damir Imeri at the Salle Erasme - Palais de congres Strasbourg on 14.05.2014 at the "Jeunes Talents" concert. For this special occasion, the pianist has stated: "It was a tremendous honor to perform with one of the best orchestras in Europe and Maestro Clemens Schuldt, and this concert is of special importance for me because I had the opportunity to perform my father's Concerto for Piano and Orchestra, a piece that received huge interest both from the musicians and the audience."For more info visit:  

  • Spring Tour 2014

    Pianist Dino Imeri has concluded his - Spring Tour 2014 - which contained recital and orchestra performances in several cities in Macedonia and abroad:- 22.03.2014 with immense success, Imeri performed a recital at NU Muzej i Zavod - Bitola where he performed 2 encores after the regular program.- 29.03.2014 - Imeri has opened the prestigious international festival for young musicians DAM Festival in Prishtina performing a succesful recital with works by Bach, Liszt, Kryeziu, Damir Imeri and Rachmaninov.- 03.04.2014 - Dino Imeri had the honor and responsibility to perform the Skopje Premiere of the worldwide-awarded piece "Rhapsody for Skopje" written by Macedonian musical legend Aleksandar Dzambazov with the Macedonian Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Maestro Thomas Herzog (Switzerland). The concert (entitled "Concertissimo") was the opening of the Days of Macedonian Music festival and the program contained 4 pieces for piano and orchestra written by F. Lumani, G. Kolarovski, P. Shahov and A. Dzambazov.     - 8.04.2014 - Imeri has performed a recital at the French Residency of French Ambassador Madam Laurence Auer performing various works. - 15.04.2014 - Imeri has performed a recital at the Skopje City Museum organized by Cultural Informative Center - Skopje.Program: Bach, Liszt, Debussy, Damir Imeri and Rachmaninov. Video materials from the concert are available at the Media section of the website.- 28.04.2014 - Pianist Dino Imeri has performed Beethoven's Fourth piano concerto with conductor Dijana Ilkoska and the String Chamber Orchestra. The orchestra was formed by Ilkoska and its members come from Macedonia, Serbia and Croatia.- 14.05.2014 - Imeri has succesfully performed the french premiere of Damir Imeri's Piano Concerto with the prestigious Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra and Clemens Schuldt. The young pianist labeled "The piano magician we finally had the opportunity to listen to in Strasbourg.." by the press, had the opportunity to perform his father's piano concerto at Salle Erasmus. - 30.05.2014 - Imeri has performed a recital with violinist Bojan Ilkoski in a rich program containing works from T. Zografski, C. Franck as well as P. Sarasate.

  • New CD "Macedonian Sessions" by cellist Corinne Morris is out - Imeri's performance included

    Renowned British/French cellist Corinne Morris' "Macedonian Sessions" album is out and it includes Dino Imeri's performance on 3 tracks. Imeri has collaborated with Morris, performing with Maestro Phillip Hesketh and the Macedonian Radio Symphony Orchestra. You can listen to some of the tracks here (C. Morris - Un' Ultima Volta) and here (M. De Falla - Ritual Dance), for more info and news you can follow Corinne Morris' official website.

  • Pianist Dino Imeri and violinist Bojan Ilkoski in Novi Sad

    Pianist Dino Imeri and violinist Bojan Ilkoski performed at the A-FEST Festival in Novi Sad, Serbia representing the Faculty of Music Arts - Skopje. The young musicians were invited as guests of honor by the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad - the organizer of the event which also featured performances and guests by the music academies in Belgrade, Nish, Saraevo, Novi Sad and Skopje. Imeri and Ilkoski received public acclaim for their performance of Ravel's "Tzigane" rhapsody for violin and piano as well as the solo performance given by the pianist who for this occassion decided to give the Serbian premiere of his transcription of F. Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsody no.15. The young artists are going to perform in Skopje on 27.11.2013 as part of the "French evening" concert in organization by the Faculty of Music Arts and the French Embassy in Skopje.